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Accommodation @ ICLC

Accommodation @ ICLC

Accommodation @ ICLC


Participant's comments

My family is wonderful. They are very helpful and considerate. They are always willing to help with any homework questions. They are great. Blair Austin

I love my family. They are awesome + help me w/ everything. Food is great and my mom goes out of her way to help me. Kate Raftery

My family is very nice and they treat me very well. They are helping me learn Spanish, very quickly and they always take the time to make sure I understand. Amy Stone

My host family is so caring and wonderful; they really make me feel at home here in Costa Rica. Lauren Deegan

I feel so lucky to have this host family. They are very understanding, and we like to learn about each other and each others cultures. I love to help my host mother cook and clean the kitchen. Stephanie Medel

Ana has fed me, washed my clothes and taken good care of me. She is friendly and has repeated things for me again an again when I have not understood. Tamsen Benner

Family is very nice and helpful. Home is clean. Food is great. I feel very fortunate to be placed with this family. Susan Harden

They are very fun and help me work on my tenses. They are also funny which helps me learn, the food is always amazing. Catherine Hanford

My parents are always nice and teach me different things. I always feel comfortable. Collyn Warner

Doa Iris is very nice and I enjoy staying at her house. Elizabeth Bobo

Very satisfied. Weve been treated very well. Lotte Nielsen

Great family, tell them. I love them!!! J Alisha McGrigg

I really enjoy living with my family. They really make me feel at home. I am happy that they were chosen for me. Kenitra Brown

I love my family and everything in my home is good. I really like her cooking. Overall, everything is good. Gracias. LaToya Thompson

My family is very kind so giving. They are always willing to help me with my Spanish or show me something new. Lauren Bajoarek

My host family is wonderful!!! I have been extremely happy in their home. Melissa Bickel

My family continues to be amazing! I am learning a lot from them. Nikki Crumley

scar and Sofia have treated me with kindness and consideration. I feel very comfortable and at ease in their home. I hope I have not caused any problems for them. If I ever return to ICLC, I will ask to stay with them again. Nancy Hartman

Olinda has been very helpful and patient. I know little Spanish and she patiently waits as I look up words. That patience is much appreciated. Debra Sinclair

A marvellous host mother. The whole reason I have loved Costa Rica. She has been so welcoming and so patient, very helpful and just wonderful. I love her family who lives there also. Aurielle Nelson


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